Sunday 3/13/2016

On Sunday we had the privilege of hosting Renae Redick, Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM at our yearly nutrition clinic.  This event was open to all Revolution Players and famailes.

Renae discussed the benefits or having a nutrition plan that works best for each individual to help optimize health and performance in everyday life as well as leading up to and during games and tournaments.  We had sample food stations to demonstrate optimal fueling options and destructive fueling options.

To achieve success in sports one must practice hard and fuel their body properly.  Softball is a game of skill that requires short bursts of energy for running, fielding, throwing, and batting.  Besides becoming skilled in a particular position and developing speed, strength, power and agility, to achieve optimal success an athlete must master their nutrition. 

Here are some materials to help you get started in coming up with a nutrition plan that will help you optimize your life.